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Protect Your Investment

Get strong support and protection for your real estate transactions when you come to our licensed attorneys and staff.

Legal Aid | Waynesville, NC | Wenzel & Wenzel PLLC | 828-452-9099

Looking to buy property?

You'll get in-depth title searches and examinations of your future property conducted by our trustworthy attorneys. Your deed of conveyance and loan documents (if any), will be prepared and executed in a timely manner. 

Our attorneys will ensure that closing funds are received and dispersed properly. The owner's and lender's policies of title insurance will also be issued and delivered appropriately.

For sellers of property

You'll get the necessary documents including the deed, lien waiver, 1099 and HUD Settlement Statement prepared by our experienced attorneys. If you currently have a mortgage on the property, you'll get knowledgeable assistance on how to pay off or cancel the mortgage. 

After these steps have been taken, our office will work diligently in order to ensure that you have a smooth closing process and you receive the proceeds in a prompt manner.

You can also get reliable legal assistance with refinances, construction loans, 1031 Exchanges and title searches and real estate development.

Legal Aid | Waynesville, NC | Wenzel & Wenzel PLLC | 828-452-9099
Legal Aid | Waynesville, NC | Wenzel & Wenzel PLLC | 828-452-9099

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do I need to be present for closing?
    No, we can handle everything by overnight mail and e-mail when possible.
  2. Who do I make checks out to and what kind of check will I need?
    Anything over $500 must be a certified check made out to Wenzel & Wenzel, PLLC Trust Account and anything over $50,000 must be by wire transfer. We will provide instructions.
  3. Will you need original documents to close?
    Yes. Also, some documents may need to be notarized.
  4. How much will my closing cost?
    Every closing is different. Please call for a quote for the particular service your require.
  5. How soon can I expect funds after closing?
    In NC, we may not disburse until the documents are recorded at the Register of Deeds. Once all money is received by the settlement agent, all documents are signed, and the necessary documents are recorded, funds will be released.
  6. Do I need a title search or title insurance?
    If you are getting a loan, your lender will require one. If you are purchasing with cash, you are not required to have a title search or title insurance, but our law firm strongly suggests that you do so and that you speak to one of our attorneys before making the decision to proceed without either.


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